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A Great Opportunity To Acquire Fantastic Lifestyle Business

A collection of 9 top quality yurts from 16ft to 28ft along with a range of interiors providing top quality yurt hire around the country suitable for festivals, weddings, glamping and private events.

£110000 VAT Free

Want the WOW factor? This unique Yurt, handmade last year, and used once for our daughter's wedding.
It is possible to seat 122 with 8ft trestle style tables.
The yurt was designed to be used with 4 guy straps to provide extra stability in high winds.
The Yurt is currently in storage and is available immediately, I am also happy to arrange delivery and am prepared to help with first time erection.

£34000 +VAT

5m Mongolian Yurt. Excellent condition.
Only 3 years old (purchased 2018).
Commissioned in Mongolia from a company who had been crafting traditional Mongolian Yurts for over 3 generations. The yurts they make are purchased by Mongolian people, some of whom still live in them all year round.
These are the traditional authentic product (Not manufactured in china).
They are of the highest quality, hand-made just outside of Ulaanbaatar and shipped back to the UK.

£5000 inc. VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
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This is a 2nd hand 14ft Yurt originally purchased from Skytents.
It is in excellent condition.
Fully refurbished. Nearly new.
There is NO mould or mildew or damp damage!

£4000 VAT Free ono

All 4 of these yurts are identical, they are Turkman style yurts where the roof pole is bent at the wall, which increases the head room at the wall, increasing the useable living space. The top of the trellis is around 5ft high, giving a head height of around 6ft at the wall edge. They are 18 foot in diameter and will sleep 6. We use wood burners in them and whilst this is not included, the hole in the canvas is placed ideally for you to put your own wood burner in place.

£4900 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 4
This is for a rustic 20' steam bent yurt in white made originally in 2012 by LPM Bohemia in Kent and recovered in 2015 by Hearthworks in Somerset.
It has been steam cleaned but the roof canvas and star covers have perished and will need to be repaired / replaced.
The roof poles are steam bent ash, as is the trellis, made up of three sections. The crown wheel is in excellent condition as is the hardwood door and frame.
This yurt cost over £7,000 new and would be a perfect project for a person with DIY skills operating a glamping site.

£1500 +VAT

YURT - 20 foot yurt from Hearthworks in Somerset this yurt was bought in 2014 and still has many years left of useful service.
We have two available, one is covered in white with olive trim covering and one white with a now faded crimson trim. This listing is for ONE yurt but discuss if you wish to purchase both.

£4500 +VAT

£1500 VAT Free

Job lot of 7x 12 foot diameter cute camping / glamping yurts
12 foot diameter yurts Furnished for 2. These are used but in VGC and made of rejentex canvas FRW.

£11500 VAT Free

| Quantity: 7

£2250 inc. VAT ono each

| Quantity: 3

£2200 inc. VAT ono

£3500 VAT Free ono

£3750 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 3
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