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Brand New: Giant Hat Tipis, Midi Tipis, Baby Tipis
Crafted Canvas Tipis are interchangeable with Tentipi and Kata Tipis products.
Delivery / installation and training available.
We also sell extras such as poles, linking kits, walls, awnings.


Looking for extra tipis for a gig?
We dry hire to Tipi companies across the UK.
We can deliver to site or to your warehouse.

£600 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 10
8m in diameter.
In excellent condition with only 4 weeks use.
We purchased the Tipi for just over £9,000 +VAT.
This superb reduced price is in consideration that it is second-hand and small parts may be missing.

Please note that the tipi is without the door accessory, so is just the tipi tent itself, without doorframe

£4000 £1000 VAT Free

Linking Kit for Giant Kata Tipi (or would work with other makes of tipis) to be able to join them together.
Comes with 2 linking poles, 2 panels and plenty of straps. No stakes though.
Barely used.

£500 +VAT

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Manufactured by Oasis Tipis in The Uk
Giant Tipis
Baby Tipis
Tipi Hat
Tipi Skins
Bespoke Projects


This has just had a new pole added as one was damaged. Is now all in excellent condition. ready to use. no rips tears or marks.

£1800 VAT Free ono

Comes with all poles, hardware, canvas and 4 lifters.
Also have linking poles and covering canvas for sale if required.

£7000 +VAT ono

Midi tipi, only used once.
Great condition

£6000 +VAT ono

It was bought in April 2021. The condition is great, apart from a small tear, which a repair kit from Tentipi (priced at £81) would fix.

£5200 £3750 VAT Free ono

New & Used Tipis Available
Grade A As new, No Holes or Patches
Manufactured by Oasis Tipis
Only used a couple of times absolutely immaculate condition
Includes linking kit and porch with double wood doors
An amazing venue for any event including weddings, parties, festivals, bars and restaurants
includes all poles, pegs, straps everything needed for a Double Tipi setup

£18995 +VAT

| Quantity: 2
Grade A, No Holes or Patches
One Giant Tipi with entrance porch and wood doors
Immaculate condition
12 Month Guarantee
All poles, pegs, straps and stakes

£10490 +VAT ono

£8000 £7000 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
This custom made pyramid was created with love and serious attention to detail.
It has only been used twice in its life and has been stored in a dry space.
It has a mezzanine level accessed via a gorgeous ladder. Mezzanine is 2.44m x 2.44m and can fit a double mattress.
When upstairs you can stand in the centre of the floor. I am 1.83m tall.

£25000 £15000 VAT Free

We have a number of Tentipi Stratus 72 Giant Hat Tipis for sale.
Tipis have been used, any repairs have been made.
We can install the Tipis individually or joined depending on your requirements, please ask us for a quote upon enquiry.

£4995 inc. VAT ono each

| Quantity: 4
We have 2 full size Giant Tipis for sale. 10.3m diameter Kata Tipis.
They are in good condition and are ready to be put to work.
We can sell them individually or as a pair.
Can deliver.

£7250 £7000 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
1 x Big Hat Main Canvas & hood
9 x Main Poles
9 x Purlin Poles
5 x Dummy Poles
1 x Crown & Rain Stopper
3 x Lifter sets
Straps, Stakes and all pins needed to build

£7500 +VAT ono

This unique set-up was designed on CAD and purpose-built for a one-off high-end event, resulting in a seamless finish that is rare in the temporary events industry.
The event space can accommodate 230 - 250 people seated, along with a huge 5m-long bar.

£37500 inc. VAT

Approximately 3-4 years old, Single door, meter long black mark on the inside of the canvas.
All d-rings attached and in good condition, not used as frequently as our other stock.

£7250 +VAT ono

Selling My Kata Giant Tipi in very good condition
Used A Few Times At Various Events But Now Letting It Go.
Comes With 10.3M Diameter Canvas - Extending By 1.5M When Using The Uplifters - All The Poles / 4 X Uplifter / Stakes / Straps / R Clips, Etc
RRP Is £12K + Vat / Selling For £8995

£8995 VAT Free ono

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